Ultimate Guide for IGTV in 2022

Have you added IGTV's content to your social media strategy? The long-form video tool for Instagram allows you to take your account and create a video channel not too different from YouTube. Since its arrival on the social media scene, that feature has had a slow start compared to the other exciting content already on the platform. But you can gain some benefits if you use it right. Some include:

  • Higher engagement
  • Brand loyalty
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Social media presence
  • Overall lead generation

What is IGTV?

In June of 2018, at an event in San Francisco, Instagram's co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom unveiled their newest feature to the public, called IGTV. From what they explained, IGTV would take their social media app to the next level in video content. With IGTV, users could create YouTube-like videos for their followers. What makes it a bit different from their other feature, Reels, is that creators can make videos longer than just several seconds. In fact, you can make video content up to 10 minutes long. Instagram also lets larger accounts upload videos that are up to 60 minutes! Unfortunately, since its arrival, Instagram's IGTV has not been the most popular feature used on the platform. But with 2021, who knows what could happen as more and more people are looking for ways to make video content through multiple channels.


Before you upload just any type of video to your IGTV, wait just a moment. To create the best kind of videos with perfect effects and images, the first thing you need to know is the IGTV's specifications.

  • With the video tool, you can make both landscape and portrait videos with its 9:16 ratio.
  • Videos uploaded must be longer than 60 seconds and up to 15 minutes long.
  • All videos must be in an MP4 format.
  • Keep in mind that IGTV videos also run at ten frames per second and offer a video resolution of 720p.

While there is more technical information about the type of videos you can make, you should consider them the most important. Remember that the inner technical workings of IGTV are crucial for any business or influencer who wants to master the app and gain more followers in 2021.

How to watch IGTV

Before getting into how to upload your videos to Instagram's IGTV, you may want to know how you can watch videos in the app. You can watch IGTV a couple of ways. The first is from your Instagram app. You can get to videos first through the explore section by tapping the IGTV tab at the top.

Secondly, you'll be able to go to videos from the accounts. If the creators have uploaded any IGTV videos on any Instagram account, you can find them in the tab section with the others. The icon will be a TV with electricity going through the screen. From there, you can see all their IGTV videos and can click on the one that you want to see at that moment.

Also, see what's playing next by tapping the "up next" button near the bottom right of their video. And if a creator has a series, you can find them on their IGTV channel.

You should be able to go to any of their series by tapping on the "series" option in the filters. You can choose one and see all the episodes of that series by newest upload to oldest.

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How to upload IGTV videos from the Instagram App

Now you want to know how to get in on the fun and start uploading videos, too, right? Well, luckily, Instagram has made it incredibly easy to create and upload videos right to your account. They also allow you to do it in a few different ways. The first way we'll look at it is through the Instagram app. After signing into your account, go to your profile and click on the plus sign at the top right. Instagram then has you choose which type of content you want to upload. Tap on "IGTV Video," and the app will give you video options to upload from your phone that's longer than 60 seconds. Choose any one you wish to upload, tap next, and choose your cover from any part of the video. Instagram will screenshot it and make it the cover that other users will see when they go through your IGTV channel.

Tap "Next," and you'll be taken to the next section, where you will put in the title and description. You can also choose to add the video into an existing series, upload it to other social media platforms like Facebook, or go into the advanced settings. In this section, you can tag a business partner if you ever work on a paid partnership with a brand, or you can add auto-generated captions for accessibility purposes.

When you're all done, either post it to your feed or save it for another time by tapping the Save as Draft" option below it.

How to upload IGTV videos from the IGTV app

The second option is to upload your video from the IGTV app. You can find it in both the android store and the apple store. Honestly, there isn't that much of a difference between uploading it here or on the regular Instagram app. Just go into your profile page and do the exact same steps as you did with the Instagram app. Easy!

How to upload IGTV videos from your desktop

Now, the third way to upload your IGTV videos is through your desktop. This will be just as simple as the two ways, so don't sweat it. First, you're going to type in your Instagram account URL in the search or go directly to your page if you're already on the Instagram site. When you're there, go down to the content tabs and click on - that's right, the IGTV icon.

Click on the blue "upload" button, and it will take you to the uploading page. Click the large, blue plus sign in the left shaded box, and it will prompt you to choose a video file from your computer. Choose the one you want and either drag and drop it into the area or double click on the file to start uploading to your account.

At this point, the video will be processing, which won't take any time. Upload your video cover by clicking on the edit option and choosing your file from your desktop. Fill in the title and description in the text boxes below. Afterward, decide if you would like to share it with your Facebook account and if you want more accessibility. And again, choose to post it immediately or save it as a draft for later.

How to create an IGTV Series

Instagram has also made it available to its creators to publish their very own video series with the IGTV feature. That means you can now create an episode that your followers can track daily, weekly, or monthly. This feature is an excellent way for you to not only keep up with the latest from the creators you follow but increases for you to grow your followers and increase your brand's reputation and social media presence. To launch your new series, just go into your profile like before, tap on the IGTV tab, and then the upload button. When you choose your video and the cover photo, Instagram will take you to the title and description settings page. You can now see the section that says, "Add to Series" option. You will be taken to a page that says, "Create Your First Series." Tap it and add the series name and description.

This description will be seen by everyone when they are looking through your series, so make sure it's clear and inviting. Then just hit done, and you're on your way to making a long-lasting video series!

You can also add an existing video to your series by going to the editing option of that particular video and adding it to any of your series in the "Add to Series" option. Be careful because the videos you add will become the newest episode in the series. Lastly, you can also delete a whole series without it affecting your videos in that series. This means that if you delete a series, those videos in that series will not be deleted but will stay on your IGTV feed until you manually delete it from your page.

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Tips and Tricks

Knowing how to create and watch IGTV videos is not the only thing you should remember. If you want to grow your following with quality content, then you'll want to know some tips and tricks on how to make the perfect IGTV video for your account. These tips are easy to implement into your video creation, so stay where you are for essential steps you should take to get the most impact from your IGTV feed.

1. Add captivating captions

Your Instagram bio is not the only important description box on the platform if you want followers and engagement. Your IGTV videos' descriptions are what's going to determine if someone wants to click on your content or not. Think of it like Netflix. You probably wouldn't watch a movie or show if the description was boring or vague. Write a captivating description that will have your followers and new visitors interested enough to click in to watch more.

2. Create a great IGTV cover

While Instagram allows you to create a video cover by choosing through screenshots of your video, the best way to create a cover photo to ensure that people will watch is to make one on your own. You can easily do this through the multitude of photo editing apps that are out in the app store. Add effects, stickers, and text to capture the attention of other users.

3. Hashtag it up

Yes, hashtags are still important. Even though the great hashtag dilemma recently has made the SEO method useless to some, they can still impact your growth if you use them right. Just keep in mind that you should be choosing hashtags that are entirely relevant to your video and that those keywords have an extensive engagement history on the platform.

4. Post a preview

Instagram gives you the option to add a 15-second preview to your feed or story in the options when you create an IGTV video. Remember always to choose yes to this option. Giving your followers a sneak peek into what the video will be about will entice them to watch the whole thing instead of just scrolling by. You can choose any 15 seconds of the video when you choose to have a preview, so make sure you pick a great moment.

What to upload on IGTV?

Now that you can create an IGTV video and make it perfect for your followers, you're probably asking what you can post for your videos. Well, not to worry because there are a lot of ideas that you can use for your IGTV channel. Here are just some simple ideas that you can upload right now.

  1. How-to videos

Someone always wants to know how to do something new. Show your followers how to do them with IGTV videos. Unlike with stories, you can show a more detailed look at how to either cook a recipe or craft a table if you want to. Choose what you're good at and show it to your followers.

  1. Show off your business' story

If you're a business, you can gain brand loyalty and build your authenticity by giving your followers a look at your business from the inside. Show off your employees, take them behind the scenes, look at a product or event, or just interact with customers by creating a live FAQ series. Your followers will appreciate your openness to them and will be willing to become consistent customers.

  1. Unboxings

Unboxing will always be a popular form of content, no matter where you upload it. But with IGTV, you can do an in-depth unboxing of a subscription box or newly released makeup palette instead of just uploading it in a post or short Instagram story. You can also record hauls of clothing or makeup brands that you received or bought. This idea is handy if you're an Instagram influencer and want to show off a brand a little better by combining your photos with IGTV videos.

  1. Vlog

Another great idea for a long-running series for your channel is vlogging your life. If you're a book reader who wants to record your reading reactions or a college student who just started classes, you can give your followers an inside look at your day to day routine that will keep them coming with each uploaded episode.

Even though IGTV has struggled to become a popular content medium on the platform, you can still gain a lot of benefits from it with fun and engaging content. If you consider out tips and tricks on creating a great IGTV video, you will be able to see your followers increase as they find your videos. So, for the new year, try out something new and add Instagram's IGTV tool for your business or personal account.

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